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RDS Studio work on a diverse range of projects from Luxury hotels to individual residences – and everything in-between.

Our expertise covers: Luxury Hotels, International & Independent; Boutique Lifestyle Hotels; Business or Convention Hotels; Resorts; Luxury Private Residences; Restaurant Design


Interior Designer

Awarded First Class Honours, Roza is a Saudi engineer with over +6 years of experience in hospitality building and design. Possessing an extensive track record of exceeding complex design demands within the hospitality industry, she boasts demonstrably strong design management skills.

Her professional journey began at a young age, working on-site with Australian firm. This experience instilled a foundation of practical knowledge that she later leveraged at HBA, a world-renowned design firm. Roza’s expertise encompasses, hotels, private residences, and restaurants. More recently, she has spearheaded a series of successful hotel projects across Saudi Arabia, catering to both private clients and developers.

As Founder of RDS, Roza spearheads a researchdriven approach, crafting unique experiences within the highly competitive Saudi upscale and luxury hospitality market segments.


RDS is Roza Design Studio’ highly specialised local boutique and global team that provides exquisite architecture and interiors for their clients’ hotels, residential, restaurants, offices, private villas, penthouses, luxury apartments and residences around the world.

Centered in Riyadh and, we partner with select private clients and highly regarded developers who share a similar appreciation for the value of good design. Through a cultivated symbiosis between the architecture and the interiors, we “craft luxury” on both individual and holistic levels, which results in exceptional, one-of-a-kind spaces that are highly tailored to each person’s preferences.

What sets us apart is our client-centric and dynamic end- to-end service model. We have a very scalable thought process and service offering: from developing the initial architectural framework to designing interior features and bespoke furnishings to assisting with artwork selection and dressing.

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